Why we recommend Garaga

Garaga gives you endless possibilities!

Your garage door is a major investment that also influences the appearance of your home. We recommend Garaga because they offer a vast selection of styles and colors along with various choices of insulation and door size. With all these options, you are sure to find the perfect door among their wide range of products.


Garaga is also able to assist you in assuring that the door you choose will complement your house. It should look like the same craftsman designed both your house and garage door.

  • Carriage house: The EastmanTM door is the perfect blend of traditional elements with the latest trends. Its elegant woodgrain finish, hardware reminiscent of wrought iron, and appealing choices of decorative windows will certainly catch your eye.

    Eastman, 9' x 7', Ice White
  • Traditional: the Cambridge is sure to charm you with its authentic architectural elements and classic styling. Garaga builds it with precision and attention to detail resulting in an unequalled appearance.

    Cambridge model
  • Country-style: the Stratton 138 and the North Hatley are excellent choices for a country-style home. These two doors have traditional designs yet are very eye-catching, and have many options of colors and window styles.

    Stratton 138, 9' x 7', Claystone
  • Classic: the attractive details of the Standard+ and the Acadia 138 will highlight the distinctive look of your home. These doors are a wise choice due to their affordable price and minimal maintenance.

    Acadia 138, 9' x 7', Ice White
  • Modern: the California is in a class of its own. With windowed panels and a fresh new look, it’s the favorite of many owners of modern homes.

    California, 8' x 7', White, Satin Glass

Need inspiration? We encourage you to view some of our projects in our Image Gallery or visit our virtual Design Centre where you can upload a photo of your home and interchange its garage door. You can try out various combinations and see what different types of doors look like on your house!


We can assist you in selecting the appropriate level of insulation based on the use you foresee for your garage. If your home has an attached garage or if you plan to use it as a workshop or recreation area, we strongly recommend an insulated garage door.

  • R‑16: this is the highest level of insulation that Garaga offers for its residential doors. We recommend this type of insulation for garages attached to your house, assuring that your garage, as well as your home, stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Insulation R-16
  • R‑12: this door has high-pressure injected polyurethane foam and Interlok™ triple-contact interlocking joints yielding a level of insulation that we recommend for garages attached to houses or located under rooms of the house. The R-12 level of insulation will also keep your workshop at a comfortable temperature and let you work in your garage throughout the year.
  • R‑10: to obtain this level of performance, as seen in Garaga’s TriForce™ model, a 2‑inch thick steel door is insulated with a panel of white expanded polystyrene. In addition, the weatherstripping installed in conjunction with the InterStop™ seals between the panels prevents the infiltration of cold air, and kiln-dried wood end blocks provide an efficient thermal break. With its different construction, it is an economic alternative to R‑12.
  • Non-insulated: this option consists of a 24‑gauge galvanized steel door containing no insulation. We recommend it for sheds or garages not attached to your house and that you don’t use as a workshop.


Ask us for a free estimate. The team at Laurent Overhead Door Systems in Laconia would be happy to be involved in your project!

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