Upgrade your Garage Freezer

Time to Put a New Freezer in Your Garage!

Big freezer with an open door in a garage

“You can have a freezer in an unheated garage. (freezer Gladiator)” - YourCarCave

Are you making the best possible use of the extra space you have in your garage? It’s common that people waste space in their garage. It might be because you have lots of useless items in your garage. These types of items can be taking up valuable floor space.

Garage doors are Standard+ Classic CC, 9' x 7', Ice White

You love timeless appeal? This is our most popular garage door design the Classic CC, 9'x7', Ice White

Consider the options you have when you’re looking to upgrade your space! Perhaps you can clean it out, remove some of the junk, or even organize the things that are already around.

By doing these things, you’re able to maximize the area and allow for more useful things to fit in, such as a freezer or other appliances. This is the first thing to do before deciding whether or not to add any new appliances.

Is a Garage Freezer Right for You?

Before making this decision, think about what your life might look like with a new garage freezer.

Less grocery shopping – Making larger and fewer trips to the grocery store is a great way to save time and gas.

Shopping in bulk – Buying in larger quantities means more savings over time.

Meal prepping – Making meals ahead of time and storing them in the freezer is a great way to add efficiency and convenience to your life. Have you always wanted to meal prep for your family? This is your sign!

Wild game – If you or someone you know hunts, this garage freezer can be a great meat storage unit.

There are plenty more benefits that can arise from installing a freezer in your garage this year. The upfront cost will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

Best Types of Freezers

You have so many choices when it comes to the types of freezer that you can purchase! There are freezers that stand upright, similar to a fridge, freezer chests, and even portable freezers that you can move around easily. There’s a large range of sizes as well which makes it must easier for you to find something that will fit perfectly in the space that is available.

Standing freezers have a similar look to a standard refrigerator.

Typically, they are a bit smaller than fridges and only have one door. The entire unit is a freezer that might be great for some who are looking to freeze items. This appliance comes in a range of shelves and multiple finishes. This allows anyone to choose the best freezer for their garage aesthetic.

Chest freezers have a top-opening door.

Chest freezers are wider than they are tall and feature tongs of dividers that help keep food organized. This appliance comes in a range of finishes to fit everyone’s needs.

If you don’t have enough room for a large appliance at the moment, consider a smaller, portable option as a great alternative. These smaller freezers are lightweight and can usually be picked up and carried around. It’s important to note that these freezers only store a small amount of food.

Popular freezer brands today:

● GE

● Frigidaire

● Arctic King

● Maytag

● Midea

There are tons of styles and options available from these brands as well as other quality companies. Take a look at the five best standing freezers of the year, and you will surely find the best freezer that will suit your family and needs. Check out Consumer Reports to find a great garage freezer.

There are tons of options available when choosing a freezer for your garage. It’s important to take time to figure out the right style and size for your space.

Remember to take good care of your freezer!

A garage freezer in need of defrosting and cleaning.

A freezer in need of maintenance. Image from Unsplash

Once you’ve decided on the perfect freezer for your garage, be sure to take good care of it! Make sure to clean it out and defrost it regularly. Freezers overrun with frost are not a great look!

It is recommended that you should defrost your fridge annually. If you notice a build-up of ice, it’s a good idea to defrost it more than once a year. A great rule of thumb is that if the ice is more than a quarter-inch thick, the freezer should be defrosted.

Is a Freezer a Good Idea for Your Garage?

Garage door is Moderno 2 beads, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

You love modern or contemporary looks? You will appreciate this garage door, in Moderno 2 beads design, 6'x7' for the shed and 10'x8' for the attached garage, in Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

Having a freezer in your garage is a great idea. But, if your garage door is not up to standard other issues can occur. If your garage door is not properly insulated, you could be making your freezer run extensively and waste money on power.

We recommend installing an R16 door. Insulation is a great way to improve your overall space. Your freezer is able to work more efficiently with this type of garage door.

If your garage door is older, it will most likely have other issues on top of insulation problems.

Weatherstripping is another problem that might occur and can cause hot or cold air to enter the space.

Having a properly insulated garage door is important if installing a freezer or refrigerator. This will solve the problem of your new freezer wasting electricity to make up for the heat in the room.

If you’re considering a new garage door, it’s important to make sure that you choose one that will benefit your space and meet your needs. The garage door should be high-quality, properly insulated, and secure. On top of that, your new garage door should match the overall style and aesthetic of your home.

Check out the various options that are available to you. There are some amazing modern doors, traditional doors, carriage doors, and tons of other options. There is definitely a solution!

Garage door: Shaker-Flat XS, 9' x 7', Desert Sand, Clear windows

You love the charming details of yesteryear swing doors? These garage door is a Shaker-Flat XS design, 9'x7', Desert Sand Color, Clear windows

Interested in a New Garage Door?

If installing a new garage door is next on your list of things to do, it’s time to contact your local garage door dealer. You’ll have plenty of choices of garage doors to keep your new appliances safe and working properly.

Laurent Overhead Door Systems is a great solution for those looking to install a new garage door, and we can even send you a quotation through email if you prefer. Browse our 3 styles to help before deciding on the perfect garage door.

Call us at 603-524-4778.

We can’t wait to help you choose the perfect garage door that matches your style and budget!

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