Garage Doors Myths…Busted!

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. In this modern era, there is a lot of information to be found on the web, but since anyone can write anything and stick it on a website, you can’t always believe what you read. Garage doors can fall victim to this misinformation as well.

Balance between Myths and Facts

Most of the time, the false claims about garage doors aren’t too much of an issue for most people. Unless you happen to be in the market for a new door that is. Before using false information to make your selection, read the busted myths below and then go speak to a garage door specialist.

Myth #1: Garage doors are all made the same way—Busted!

“Seen one, seen em all,” is a sentiment that doesn’t apply to garage doors. In fact, you can turn it on its head with just a material list of what is used to construct a door. They can be made from wood, metal, or aluminum.

Wood is often chosen for its warmth, beauty, and organic feel. Metal is chosen for its strength and practicality because no painting or staining is required. Aluminum is known for being lightweight. Plus, there is also the option of having an all-glass garage door to let in lots of daylight. Obviously, not all garage doors are the same when they can be made from so many different materials.

Another factor that often differs from door to door is the thickness. If you have double garage doors, like a 16 x 7 ft. variety, they will generally be 1 ¾ inch thick because they are injected with polyurethane foam. However, a wooden door will be an entirely different thickness.

Myth #2: Garage doors don’t need to be insulated—Busted!

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A non-insulated door will complete the main function, opening and closing, perfectly fine. Yet, you have to consider all the hours of the day and night that the garage door is closed and working as a wall to your house to see why insulation may be important. With attached garages, there will be a definite temperature fluctuation in the cooler and warmer weather.

You should definitely think about installing a weathertight insulated garage door if there is a bedroom over the garage. Remember, a well-insulated garage door can cut down on the cost to heat and cool your home, giving you a more energy-efficient household and saving you money on your utility bills.

Myth #3: Garage doors don’t require any maintenance—Busted!

Garage door installer who inspect the Liftmaster garage door opener

Many people think the garage door is a simple device because it opens and closes so easily with just a push of a button. However, this is a BIG myth. Remember, it is the largest moving mechanical object in your home, and it should be treated with respect. Just like all of the other appliances and mechanical devices in your house, the garage door requires routine maintenance to stay in good shape. Refer to this guide to discover the maintenance your garage door needs.

Myth #4: Garage doors are easy to repair all by yourself—Busted!

While you may be able to do minor repairs and maintenance like lubricating the metal parts or testing out the automatic reversal function, you should never attempt to change out a broken spring. A person who is not trained and qualified should never attempt to change out a spring as it is a huge safety risk that could result in injury or even death. If you have a spring that requires repair, contact us at Laurent Overhead Door Systems. We have qualified technicians that can do the job keeping you and your family safe.

Myth #5: Garage doors make tons of noise—Busted!

No garage door is going to be 100% noise-free. However, that doesn’t mean your garage door should be wailing like a banshee or sound like it is rattling off the wall every time you hit the opener. A lot of the components of your garage door are metal, which gives it strength and durability. Metal parts will make a little bit of noise when in use, but it’s important that you “listen” to your door when it is in use. New noises or strange noises mean you might have an issue that needs to be repaired. If you are unable to identify the source of the noises, don’t delay in contacting us.

Myth #6: Garage doors don’t pose any dangers—Busted!

Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

This statement is 100%, absolutely, totally false. According to the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System , there are more than 10,000 accidents each year associated with garage doors. These accidents include crushed fingers, cuts, and being hit by a closing door or spring.

Don’t worry, your garage door isn’t a volatile contraption just waiting to wreak havoc. It just requires respect and proper care. Pay special attention to the two automatic reverse mechanisms : mechanical and photoelectric. They are designed to protect you, your family members, and your costly possessions from getting crushed. Testing them twice a year ensures that they are always working properly.

To test the mechanical system, place a 2’x 4’on the floor underneath the open door, and press the button to close the door. When the door touches the wood, it should reverse direction. To test the photoelectric system, pass your foot in front of one of the two sensors located on either side of the door while it is closing. (They can be found about 4 inches from the floor.) Again, the door should automatically reverse directions when your foot has been detected. In either case, if the reversal system doesn’t work, get in touch with us.

Myth #7: Garage door repairs are expensive—Busted!

Repair bills can be high, but that simply means the garage door was not properly cared for. Follow these tips to avoid expensive repairs:

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  • Do regular maintenance to your garage door system at least twice per year. This will help you see a small problem before it becomes a big and expensive problem. If you can’t find the time to do semi-annual inspections and maintenance, we can provide a tune-up program for your garage door to ensure things are always in good shape.
  • Make sure you ask for a quote on any repair that is being done before the technician arrives at your home to do the work. You would likely ask for an estimate from a plumber, electrician, or other type of contractor. Without a quote, you can’t compare prices around town to find the most budget-friendly choice.

Myth #8: All electric garage door openers are the same—Busted!

Bargain shopping on the Internet has its place. However, when you are looking for a garage door opener, that is not always the best route. Purchasing from an authorized dealer means you get expert advice on which models will be best suited for your situation. Not all garage door openers are the same, and there are plenty of differences that can affect the price, as well as, the performance. Be sure you are getting a garage door opener that works with the specific needs of your door, home, and lifestyle.

The price of a garage door has a lot to do with the trolley that pulls the garage door. The ones found on the Internet are often made in three parts, which means they aren’t nearly as sturdy, and the bolts will need more tightening at regular intervals. The unsteadiness will be especially true if you have a double garage door.

Online options may not have the same accessories such as smart-home technology, and they may not have as many choices when it comes to mounting.

Learn More About Garage Door Openers!

If you are located near Laconia, then you can contact us at 603-524-4778. We know garage doors better than anyone else, and we are ready to advise you on the best door system to meet your needs and budget.

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